Creating Laughter. 

My blog about how I turn Anger and Cries into Love and Laughter. 
  1. Leave Me Alone
    25 Apr, 2018
    Leave Me Alone
    Have you ever gone to the Movies alone? Have you ever had dinner at a restaurant alone?  Why not? (Assuming you said No.) There is something magical about being alone. I am not sure what it is, but the sheer majesty of it, is liberating. I wonder how much of the liberation comes from having been an only child growing up. I wonder how much of it has to do with watching people come in and out of my life. Why do so many people pass on the idea that being alone is terrible? After taking on this
  2. Not today, Anger and Depression, you can't have today!
    18 Apr, 2018
    Not today, Anger and Depression, you can't have today!
    The other day I got to host Jason Rogers' American Me comedy show at the San Jose Improv. I bring this up because it was my first time hosting a big show. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I tried to bring my fun loving, positive attitude to the show and started everyone off with an exercise where we yelled "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" at the same time. Then, I told everyone that the comedians joke around to be funny, not to be offensive. Next, to practice not being offensive, I asked everyone
  3. Why live your life like that?
    09 Apr, 2018
    Why live your life like that?
    When I look back on my life, I feel as though I am looking at it from an observational point of view, kind of like a third person perspective. I see the struggles Frankie went through in life. I see his heartaches, his downfalls, his moments of weakness, his perceived lack of any positive traits, and his shortcomings. I see all of Frankie's failures. This third person perspective on how I look at Frankie is interesting to me. I look back as if that was someone I knew. The me, Frankie, that I
  4. Honoring Life.
    21 Mar, 2018
    Honoring Life.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Donae Johnican. Donae is an amazing young man that I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with every day I went to work at the Gardner and Willow Glen Community center as a Recreation Leader. Donae graced us with his amazing musical talents, his HUGE smile, and amazing spirit. Sadly, Donae was hit by a train 6 years ago. What a beautiful person Donae was. Someone whose presence I will truly miss. I will miss the way he used to say "Hey
  5. We truly are one.
    14 Mar, 2018
    We truly are one.
    What a beautiful weekend I had. This past weekend was full of culture, beauty, tradition, spirituality, friends, family, and oneness.  It started off on Thursday at the Barbershop. At the barbershop I had a great conversation with my barber about religion, but I'll get to that later. Then, on Friday after work, I DJ'd for The Emerald Club of the San Jose Police Department. The Emerald Club is an organization of members who dress in kilts and play bagpipes at events. You typically see them in
  6. Masters of Love.
    08 Mar, 2018
    Masters of Love.
    "Babyyyyyyy I'm yourrrrrrrrs...and i'll be yours until the stars fall from the skyyyyyyyy..." Barbara Lewis sure sings that song perfectly. What I want you to do is think of your favorite love song. What do you love about that song? Does it give you hope? What exactly does it mean to you? What message does it send to the one you love? "...and i'll be yourrrrrrs til two and two is three..." Man oh man am I in love. The weekend of February 10th, I fell in love. I went down to San Diego in the La