TankChops Podcast

Fabian Garcia & Frankie Robles

​My Buddy Fabian, a.k.a. "Chop Chops" and I, "DJ Frank the Tank", started writing comedy together when I first started performing.
One day we decided to join the masses of starting a podcast and POW...TankChops came to life. Right in your ear hole.

Our podcast is two fun loving guys' take on everyday life topics and current events...just like any other podcast...excepts our podcast has us in it along with guests ranging from our dumbass friend David Esparza to San Francisco Bay Area Comedians.
I mean, our guests are really cool and we're not too shabby, in our opinion...and our girlfriend's Monica and Monica's opinion as well. Yeah, our girlfriends have the same name. Except Monica is hotter than Monica.

We are currently in the process of recording our latest season and will have new episodes out soon! 
For now, listen to our previous seasons below or by going to iTunes Podcast and searching for us by typing in "TankChops Podcast".
Follow us on Twitter: @TankChops for more up to date info regarding our show.

I typed the word "Podcast" a lot. Haha, now you're going back to check aren't you?